Challenge: What solutions could allow short food supply chains to flourish?

The benefits of short food supply chains are undeniable. First of all, they allow end users to get higher product quality. From the environmental point of view, they enable more sustainable production and commercial practices. What is more, they create the conditions to reduce food losses and offer more sustainable packaging. Finally, short food supply chains allow farmers to obtain higher financial returns. By supplying products directly to consumers, food producers can reduce their dependence on intermediaries and develop independent marketing strategies. Also, they provide an opportunity to preserve the value created in such chains in local communities and to contribute to local economic and social development.

However, such practices are rare in reality due to the lack of knowledge, confidence and expertise and the often higher final prices offered for a product. 

During this challenge, you are expected to find solutions that will enable farmers – primary food producers – to implement commercially viable short food supply chains in practice. This can be a proposed business model, a marketing strategy, a mobile app or a platform for farmers’ competence development. The choice is yours! The most important thing is to encourage the development of short food supply chains!