Challenge: What solutions would promote more sustainable (even though more expensive) packaging?

Although the focus on environmentally friendly packaging in Europe is increasing, manufacturers are facing significant challenges in bringing such packaging to the market and finding a balance between environmental and economic sustainability. For many customers the final price has a decisive impact on the choice of the product. Large supermarkets respond to this by choosing products that can offer a better shelf price. As the price of packaging is becoming more and more important component of the final price, producers offering less sustainable packaging gain a competitive advantage.

During this challenge, you are expected to find solutions that could change the current situation. What solution could this be? Could it be a marketing strategy encouraging consumers to choose more sustainable (even though more expensive) packaging? Could it be a new packaging model that would allow packaging to be successfully “resurrected for a second life” and adapted for further use? Or maybe you can offer a solution that would reduce the cost of producing sustainable packaging while preserving the quality? You have the freedom to choose the most appropriate way to solve this challenge.