Challenge: What should we do if we want to change public attitudes towards the agricultural sector and present it as smart, sustainable and capable of generating high economic returns?

The agricultural sector is moving forward rapidly. Today, many advanced technologies and robotic systems are used here. What is more, saying that these days combine drivers are more often programmers than drivers would not be a lie. In addition, numerous studies show that the agricultural sector is one of the most technology-intensive sectors, which will play a more and more important role in the global economy due to the growing world population. Finally, the agrifood sector has received a record amount of private investment in recent years and this trend does not seem to be changing.

However, the majority of the public sees the agricultural sector as an unattractive and dirty sector dominated by men working hard in the fields, which does not generate any economic returns. How can we change this public attitude and present agriculture as a sector that is attractive to young people and is a source of pride for both country’s leaders and society?